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The Doll Hospital

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Dr. Pegs, with red pigtails and wide brown eyes, is planning a slow day at the doll hospital, organizing buttons. But that’s before the doorbell rings—one, two, three, four times. First, it’s Portia, a porcelain doll who needs some glue for her arm. Then the “ding-a-ling” announces Scoop, who has a stomachache. And why not? His stuffing is falling out. The next arrival is a baby doll, and in need of help, he can only say moo instead of mommy. The final arrival is a bear in need of a button—he’s lost an eye. Dr. Pegs (who looks like the other round-faced, simply shaped toys) must ring the emergency bell. She needs help! A quintet of Russian nesting dolls, all dressed as nurses, assist in getting the procedures done. The illustrations, made of cut paper, cloth, stuffing, ink, and digital techniques, give a three-dimensional look to the artwork and provide a symmetry of shape and color, primarily reds, greens, buffs, and browns. If a hospital visit can be fun, it’s this one.
~ Ilene Cooper

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The Doll Hospital

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