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Goodnight, Anne

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Move over Goodnight Moon, there's another book arriving whose winsome titular character will charm generations of children as they drift off to sleep. Montgomery's bestselling series about a plucky redheaded orphan who finds a home with the Cuthberts in Green Gables continues to delight children around the world, and this gorgeous picture-book inspired by the series undoubtedly will also. George's text deftly weaves in characters and situations from the series' first novel, capturing Anne's inquisitiveness and sense of adventure while providing just enough detail that newcomers to the series (probably most of this book's audience) can follow the story and those already familiar with it will not be disappointed. The author's prose melds seamlessly with Godbout's stunning illustrations, which bring Green Gables and the residents of Avonlea (all white) to life on the page. Her delicate pencil work captures every detail that made generations of readers fall in love with Anne's story, from the vivid redness of her hair to the lushness of the Prince Edward Island landscape she calls home. When Anne says goodnight to the stars, the double-page-spread illustration is suffused in a dreamy white light so fairylike that it makes readers feel that they, like Anne, can float on air. A nearly flawless book that invokes nostalgia in older readers and will undoubtedly make newcomers clamor to know what happens next.

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CM Magazine
Goodnight, Anne is a lovely work inspired by L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. George manages to capture perfectly Anne’s delightful and headstrong ways as she says goodnight to all those with whom she spends time. The reader is immediately aware of George’s accurate portrayal of young Anne as she says to Marilla on page 2 that she will not go to bed “before I say goodnight. I always say goodnight to everyone I love.” Thus begins Anne’s bedtime monologue. “Goodnight, Diana, my bosom friend,” Anne says. “We were kindred spirits the moment we met” (p. 6). The red-haired girl says goodnight to all those she loves, but she does not forget those with whom she has had quarrels, people such as Gilbert. “I will never forgive you for calling me Carrots!” she admonishes (p. 8). Anne’s lively spirit is evident throughout the book, and yet her goodnights are gentle enough to be enjoyed as a bedtime story.

Genevieve Godbout’s illustrations contain lovely light-dark contrast, and capture the expressive nature of Anne and the activity of all that goes on around her. Godbout’s style is reminiscent of Brian Selznik; the illustrations are whimsical, sketched-out, and full of delightful details. Her drawings utilize light and dark in a way that highlight’s Anne’s spiritedness without taking away from the fact that dusk is falling and it is time for bed.

Kallie George’s Goodnight, Anne is a book to be enjoyed by readers of all ages: young ones will be enthralled with Anne’s attitude and spirit as she says goodnight; older readers will find delight in remembering L.M. Montgomery’s works. Goodnight, Anne, a fine tribute to a classic work, holds an original charm all of its own.

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Babybookworms blogspot
This charming book is right up there with "Good Night Moon," and destined to be a classic.  It is a perfect bedtime story.  Our favourite red-headed chatterbox, Anne Shirley, declares she is unable to go to bed until she says goodnight to everyone that she loves.

She checks off all her beloved friends and family members and gives the reader a sneak peek of those she holds most dear to her heart.  She includes: Matthew and Marilla her new family members, Diana her best friend and kindred spirit, Miss Stacy her teacher that she utterly adores, Gilbert the boy who gives her grief at school and called her Carrots,  her beautiful Lake of Shining Waters that is forever smiling at her, and tranquil Green Gables, her home that to her is the dearest and loviest spot in the world,  just to name a few.  

This charming book is a salute and a celebration of the spirit of Anne of Green Gables and a perfect introduction to Canadian author L.M. Montgomery's famous 8-book series, the first one written in 1908 for all ages.  A whole new generation will be inspired to seek out her books and enjoy them as so many others have all around the world.  The illustrations are beautiful and rich and draw you into the story.  I highly, highly recommend this book. 

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